After the lipstick and eyeliner Colourbox , Oriflame launches the varnishes of the same collection . There are ten beautiful and daring tones, with good coverage and fast drying.

Add a little color to your life with the Colourbox makeup range. Colourbox is a fun and super accessible range with a wide range of fantastic colors to choose from. Now you can enjoy fantastic colors without ruining your budget!

Did you know that Colourbox Varnishes do not contain toluene, formaldehyde and camphor? Because your health and safety is the priority of Oriflame!

Find yours to perfect!

As far as the color of the varnish is concerned, two shades can be better (and much more fun!) Than just one. Find your favorite pair of nails of hands and feet, drawing inspiration from the rich summer landscapes.

Combine the “Soft Lavender” or “Bright Raspberry” tone with the “Soft Plum” or “Soft Berry” tone to enhance the tanned skin. Or combine nude nails with red or hot pink hues for stunning floral nails.

Colourbox Varnish Colourbox
Varnish in 10 fun tones and in a small jar and perfect to carry in the suitcase. 5 ml.

33257 Soft Lavender
33258 Bright Nude
33259 Pearly Nude
33260 Pearly Pink
33261 Soft Pink
33262 Bright Red
33263 Soft Red
33264 Bright Raspberry
33265 Soft Berry
33266 Soft Plum


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