Winter has its charms, but there is a part of us that definitely does not appreciate this time of year: our skin. Dry forehead and chapped lips are not new, of course, but that does not mean you have to accept this reality.
That is why these tips can help combat the effects of cold. Get ready to meet new skin, softer and smoother!

Buy a Humidifier

Whether it’s a central heating system or a radiator, any artificial heating system will blow the air out of your home. Invest in a humidifier , especially in your bedroom, to keep your skin naturally moisturized and enjoyable while resting.

Use a facial oil

Your skin may not respond well to heavy moisturizing oils over the summer, but you will be surprised by its results in the colder months. Even if you only add one or two drops of facial oil to your usual moisturizer, you can leave your skin with that smoothness you already miss.


Drink less coffee

Many of us (myself included!) Loved a beautiful mug of coffee in the morning. But that dry throat sensation and the constant urge to urinate may be signs of being dehydrated, and may also lead to noticeably drier skin. Instead of coffee, try swapping for a cup of tea.

Drink more water

Or exchange your coffee and tea for a glass of fresh water to wake up! It is a universally accepted rule that to have the skin moisturized, you first have to moisturize the body. That means drinking adequate water . It can give a touch of flavor with small slices of lemon, to keep things more interesting.

Limit the duration of the shower

It hurts a little, because we love a long, hot shower, especially on colder days. But the truth is that hot water removes the natural oils from your skin. To solve, take showers in warm water (not hot) and limit the duration of the same. Extra tip: Hydrate your skin, immediately after the shower, when the pores are more open.

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