The Italian woman is elegant, sociable and has a sense of unique style. How do you do it? These 7 rules will bring you closer to the art of the beautiful Italian vita.

1. Tanned skin Italians

are also known for their magnificent, tanned skin. Do you want an equal skin? Start with a liquid-colored base for perfect coverage. Then apply suntan powder on the cheekbones, nose and forehead for a warmer look. Psst … Italians do it too! By the way, did you know that the Bronzing Giordani Gold Pearls are made in Italy?

2. Expressive Lips Italians

love to talk … a lot. Especially at the table, to eat a delicious dish of pasta and or to drink a coffee. Therefore , the lipstick has to be intense and long lasting. Also, you should protect the lips with FPS. The color is something individual, the matte finish is in vogue this season!

3. Golden Details

The tanned skin blends perfectly with the golden one! The golden tones make the skin even tanned and warm the look. It could be a watch, jewelry, suitcase or even … perfumes! Giordani Gold Essenza , with its exquisite orange note in its heart, warms the senses and makes you feel truly luxurious. 1000 fragrances are sold every 24 hours!

4. Classic Eyes

On the streets of Rome or Milan, it is rare to see a woman without sunglasses, but even if they dress more relaxed, it does not mean that they do not make eye makeup! However they keep this classic eye makeup , with mascara and eyeliner . Being romantic and often emotional souls, never forget to apply eye cream at night to lessen puffiness and dark circles. A great example to follow!

5. “Disheveled” hair

The Italians are rather chaotic and the hair represents it well. Still, her “unkempt” hair look is extremely chic! Comb your hair with your fingers and pick it up – trust us, the look will rock!

6. Bella Figura

Do not be fooled! Bella Figura has nothing to do with a perfect body, it has everything to do with the Italian attitude that makes Italian women look so confident and beautiful. It is about emanating elegance without arrogance, being attractive but not vain, having good education but staying accessible. These subtle adjustments in your attitude will help define your Italian style.

7. La dolce vita

How to live life to the fullest? The Italian women seem to dominate this art perfectly. The secret is to enjoy the details, celebrate each meal with friends and family and do more what makes you happy. Sophia Loren said, “Beauty is how you feel inside, and that is reflected in your eyes” – so do not simulate it with makeup, just live a wonderful life!

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