Activelle Deodorant Purifying & Protecting

Activelle Deodorant Purifying & Protecting

Everyone likes to feel fresh and clean during the day. The Activelle Purifying and Protective deodorant line with lime and eucalyptus oil provides effective protection and refreshing action throughout the day.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Eucalyptus oil is known for its various benefits and invigorating aroma, one of its strongest attributes being its antibacterial action.

Essential Oil of Lima – The citric aroma of essential oil of Lima is invigorating and refreshing, in addition to providing several benefits to the body and mind, including an antibacterial action.


  • Long lasting freshness
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Purifying action
  • Antibacterial lime and eucalyptus oils
  • Protection for 48h *

* Clinically tested

Activelle Deodorant Purifying & Protecting

Deodorant Deodorant Antiperspirant 48h Activelle Purifier and Protector

With Lima and Eucalyptus oils and Protect Mineral Complex to maintain freshness. Effective protection for 48 hours against bad odors and perspiration. Dermatologically tested formula, without alcohol, and leaves no white spots on clothing. 150 ml.

Code: 34015 ( BUY )

Deo Roll-on Anti-perspirant 48h Activelle Purifier and Protector

Maximum freshness and protection with Antibacterial oils of Lima and Eucalyptus and Mineral Protect Complex (48h). Dermatologically tested, alcohol-free, refreshing fragrance and leaves no white spots on clothing. 50 ml.

Code: 34014 ( BUY )


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