Our ambassador Rita Pereira gives you some tips on how to return to work with energy and style!

“We know that returning to work after the holidays is not always easy … simply because on vacation we spend unique moments, invigorating and we remember throughout the year. However, getting back to work does not have to be a bad thing because we can turn our working days into very motivating days! ”

1. When you return from vacation, try to do it one or two days before the first day of work, so you will have time to unpack, pack something out of the home, spend some leisure time, If so for a smooth transition. If you return one day before going to work, you will not have time for yourself, which is essential because your body requires some tranquility and organization.

2. Prepare a look back to work with a holiday touch … you will feel comfortable, relaxed and beautiful! When we feel good about ourselves, the day goes much better …

3. For your first day of work, plan something creative that will make you happy, because by feeling useful and happy, the transition will undoubtedly be easier! No matter what the activity, the important thing is that it arouses positive emotions.

4. Schedule a lunch with your colleagues on the first day of work. In this way, you will have a relaxed moment outside the work environment.

5. IMPORTANT: Do not neglect the care you had on yourself during the holidays: paint your nails, massage, take care of your hair, make-up or use that special accessory that you only use on vacation. After all, you can perfectly have the holiday look all year round, just combine the elements in a harmonious way!


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