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The minimalist trend of this station focuses on the monochromatic neutrals and plays with the volume and different proportions. Get to know the irreverent geometry of Oriflame Still accessories. Mala Still The casual bag is back with a renewed look. Superpractic, the

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Most things are impossible to do while you sleep, but taking care of your looks isn’t one of them. There are plenty of products designed for nighttime use and our Editor, Sophia Marinho de Lemos, has chosen her best picks.


Not every product fits everyone – especially when it comes to mascara. The one that looks great on your sister, friend or colleague might not work for you. No need to feel confused! Our Editor’s mascara guide will help you

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Compressed Facial Mask Sheet

The NovAge beauty boost your skin deserves. Maximize your face care routine with a compact mask. These masks are the new shortcut to achieving a more beautiful skin (apart from providing an excellent selfie )! A post shared by Maisie

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Creative. Individual. Fearless. Spring’s latest trend encourages you to embrace the bold colors and looks you see ! Want to get inspired to get sweeping lips, original eyes and intense cheekbones? A post shared by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on Sep

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New Trend: Hybrid Makeup

Hybrid Makeup

Makeup lovers listen up! There’s a new trend in town, and we’re super excited about it. Want to know more about hybrid makeup and why you should be excited too? Here’s the low-down. WHAT IS HYBRID MAKEUP? Hybrid makeup is

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7 Sustainable Beauty Products to Try Now!

At Oriflame we’re constantly exploring new ways to make our beauty products as environmentally responsible as possible. And this has led us to launch a number of products with amazing benefits. These are some of our Editor Jeanette Olsson’s favourites!

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History of Oriflame which has been around for 50 years.

Get to know the history of Oriflame, which has been around for 50 years. Oriflame operates in the market of direct sale of high quality cosmetics, with an independent sales team and outside the traditional retail market. Direct Selling allows

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Oriflame Cosmetics Celebrates 50 Years – UK

In 2017, Oriflame celebrates its 50th anniversary! Since 1967, Oriflame has helped people to be and feel beautiful and to live better. Oriflame started with a dream. Two Swedish brothers and a friend had the opportunity to work wherever they

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Ibiza Cerulean Collection


Take a trip through the Mediterranean with this romantic Oriflame collection in a stunning blue and “lace” design. “From its” tote “shape, fabulous blue with contrasting brown accents to the unique laser cut design – everything in this bag is

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