CELEBRATION BRUSH SET | Oriflame Cosmetics 29399

CELEBRATION BRUSH SET | Oriflame Cosmetics   29399

Make-up is an art, so you need the right accessories to achieve perfect looks.
This luxurious versatile brush kit is indispensable for those who like modern solutions and elegant designs.

How it works?

  1. Select the desired brush.
  2. Insert it into the cable until it clicks.
  3. Use the brush to apply the make-up.
  4. Press the button on the cable to remove the brush and try another one!

Kit of Celebration Brushes
Kit of Brushes with golden purse in imitation of skin and lining with standard chevron in white and gray. Contains a black plastic cable, with different brushes, easy to use, to be able to change. Includes lip brush, eye shadow, eyebrows and powder. The brushes have soft bristles in light gray. 20 x 21cm.

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