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Although we are still in mid-summer, the harsh winters require a strong immune system, able to defend against the typical colds and flu. Many of the summertime foods are rich in nutrients with protective functions. The ideal is to include these foods in your routine food to ensure an effective protection of the immune system and the prevention of infections characteristic of the colder months.

Vitamins A, C, D and E are important because they have protective functions. Orange fruits and vegetables such as peaches, apricots, sweet potatoes or carrots are rich in carotenes, later converted to vitamin A. Citrus fruits (lemon, orange or kiwi) are rich in vitamin C and should be part of the Their meals, such as dessert or accompanying the main dishes. When seasoning your dishes with lemon and parsley is increasing the amount of vitamin C. Adding sunflower seeds and almonds contributes with vitamin E.

During this time the sun’s rays are more intense, so that 30 minutes of sun exposure is enough to guarantee the production of vitamin D in the necessary quantities. In any case, you must protect the area of ​​the exposed body with protective cream and, if it is directly in the sun, it should be properly moisturized. Do not wait until you feel thirsty.

Also characteristic of summer are fish dishes, which in addition to being good sources of vitamin D, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids (sardines, salmon, tuna or mackerel), a potent antioxidant. The sardine stands out for the quantities in zinc, equally important in the protection to the infections. The much appreciated oysters, typical of summer seafood and quinoa are also great sources of zinc. In addition saltwater fish and shellfish are rich in iodine, a key mineral to normal thyroid function, and often below daily recommendations.

Do not leave foods exposed to high temperatures (cooking or solar) and do not store food for long periods to ensure the full benefit of vitamins.


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