Fatlash Colourbox Mascara | Oriflame Cosmetics

Fatlash Colourbox Mascara  | Oriflame Cosmetics

33195 Colourbox Fatlash Mascara

Get bulky lashes whenever you want with the Oriflame Fatlash Colourbox Mascara Mask. Black mask that gives bulky eyelashes, at a price no one can say no!

This is the simplest volume mask in Oriflame’s portfolio, based on the popular Fatlash Very Me Eyelash Mask. Directions

for use: Apply as close to the root of the eyelashes as possible, and brush the ends up to the tips. Add more layers for a more bulky effect!

Mask Fatlash Colourbox Eyelash Mask Fatlash Colourbox black, which confers bulky eyelashes. 8 ml.

33195 Black

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