Feet Up Summer Refreshing Feet Care Natural Orange Water Extract

Feet Up Summer Refreshing Feet Care

Revitalise dry and tired feet with Feet Up Summer! A limited edition of Oriflame with refreshing, softening and enriched products with summer fruits.

This foot care collection will give your feet a new life! A shoot of refreshing energy to their feet, developed especially for the summer months. You will also love the cheerful aroma of summer.

Natural Orange Water Extract –  Rich in essential nutrients and antioxidant Vitamin C, Orange Water helps protect the skin from free radical damage and promotes healthier looking skin.

How to use:  Apply to the feet. Can be used at any time of the day. Suitable for use in shoes.

Feet Up Summer Refreshing Feet Care
Spray and Foot Cream | oriflame 

Refreshing Foot Cream with Orange Water Feet Up Summer

Rich, quick-absorbing foot cream with Natural Orange Water Extract to help refresh, soothe and nourish your feet, leaving them soft and beautiful. Dermatologically tested. 75 ml.

Code: 34009

Refreshing Feet Up with Summer Water Spray

Deodorising and refreshing foot spray with an invigorating summer fragrance. Helps combat bad odors and soften tired feet. Enriched with Natural Orange Water Extract. 150 ml.

Code: 34010

Source: oriflame.uk 


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