HOW TO CONTOUR LIPS | Oriflame Cosmetics

HOW TO CONTOUR LIPS | Oriflame Cosmetics

Outlining the lips makes them appear more filled and defined. But what is the best technique? Get to know her in this Oriflame step-by-step!

1. Outline your lips

Begin by outlining your lips with an eyeliner . Make sure you choose a tone that matches the lipstick you are going to use.

2. Highlight your shape

With the eyeliner, draw a V on the upper lip. The tip of the V should match the center of the lip. Then draw a vertical line in the center of the lower lip. Together, they form a Y. This creates the illusion of bulging lips.

3. Apply lipstick

Apply lipstick with light touches all over the lip. Make sure it fits well with the eyeliner to avoid strong contrasts.

4. Finish with a lip gloss

Finish with a lip gloss for a perfect touch. Apply small dots first and then scatter to create a uniform color. 


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