Kabuki Scarlet Brush 29730

Kabuki Scarlet Brush  29730

Kabuki Scarlet Brush | 29730-Oriflame

The history of traditional Japanese Kabuki theater began in 1603 and was known for the stylization of the drama and the elaborate makeup used, which accentuated or exaggerated the facial lines of the actors.

Before each scene, there was the ritual of applying make-up, with wide, dense brushes, so as to cover the skin of actors with make-up. These have come to be known as Kabuki Brushes .

Currently, these brushes are used in day-to-day make-up, both day and night.
They allow a perfect application of all powders in the cheeks of the face, leaving a unified and natural skin appearance.

Kabuki Scarlet Brush | 29730
A wonderful gift for someone that loves to look their best at all times. A beautiful powder brush, inspired by traditional Japanese kabuki brushes for even, natural looking coverage. Comes in a clear gift box: Brush Dimensions: 65 x (27 cable) (46 brush) mm.

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