Men’s Guide To Hand Care

Men’s Guide To Hand Care
Men’s Guide To Hand Care
What have you been doing for your hands lately? A proper hand care routine can help reduce dark spots, lines, eczema and provides a general improvement in your appearance. Follow these five simple tips and enjoy fantastic hands!

Clean and put in warm water

Good days begin with a perfect cleaning, in this case with perfectly clean hands. Wash them well and disinfect them. Try a hand scrub to remove dead skin cells. Then put them in warm water to soften the nails and cuticles. Remember to use a mild soap for extra hydration!

Clean your nails well Clean

hands require clean nails. Wipe well under each nail with manicure sticks or a file to remove any dirt. Wash your hands again and, voila, hands more beautiful and perfectly clean.

Push the cuticles

A proper manicure is always a great idea! Start with a push-cuticle. Remember, never cut cuticles because there is a risk of infection. Use a nail clipper to achieve the desired length and shape.


It is now time to file and polish the nails. Use the softer side of the file to soften the edges and smooth the edges. Use a polishing file to add extra shine.

Hydrate and Protect

Now that your hands and nails are clean and clean, it’s time to nourish them. Massage a cream of intensely moisturizing hands on the hands and wrists. Add a protective cuticle balm for extra protection and a nail serum.



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