Micellar Hydra Optimals Water

When your skin radiates youth and health, your confidence increases. The starting point for a perfect beauty routine is cleanliness. The Oriflame Micellar Hydra Optimals Water is an invigorating action to cleanse and refresh your skin.

Skin Cleansing


Micellar Hydra Optimals Water

Cleanliness is the first and fundamental step in any face care routine. Removes impurities on the surface of the skin; traces of sebum and dead cells, thus preparing the skin for the treatment product to be applied hereinafter .

Applying a cream to clean skin compromises not only its effectiveness (because it will not be absorbed properly by the skin) but also the tolerance in the skin (impurities can be drawn into the skin along with the cream and cause , a reaction of intolerance).

In summer , the skin exudes more and the heat calls for a more practical and refreshing daily cleaning, ideal to take on vacation!

gentle cleanser that does not require rinsing , designed to purify the skin and effectively remove make-up. With a soothing and refreshing combination of Swedish natural ingredients and HydraRise Technology to retain hydration.

The skin is instantly refreshed, clean and without makeup.

Micellar Hydra Optimals Water

It refreshes, cleans and effectively removes make-up. No need to massage into the skin or remove with water. Suitable for sensitive skin, the alcohol-free, pH-balanced formula softens and refreshes for gentle cleansing. Apply with a cotton disc, every morning and evening, followed by your Optimals moisturiser. 200 ml.

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