NOVAGE Men Eye Rescue Gel 33199

NOVAGE Men Eye Rescue Gel 33199

NovAge Men Eye Rescue Gel

NovAge Men Eye Rescue Gel is a revitalizing eye care, especially for the unique men’s skin. With Baobab Anti-aging Technology, Caffeine and Coffea Bengalensis plant stem cell extract, designed to defeat the signs of fatigue and aging, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, swellings and dark circles under the eyes for a fresh, youthful look. Immediately absorbed and has a cooling effect. Handy roller-ball applicator cools and helps improve microcirculation.

Men are really impressed with the performance;

  • It looks like you’ve had 8 hours of sleep – 78% agree *
  • Absorb immediately – 90% once *
  • Fight the signs of fatigue – 87% agree *
  • Instantly reduces swelling under the eyes – 76% agree *
  • Reduces swelling under the eyes – 85% agree *
  • Brightens the eye area – 88% once *
  • Ramps seem less – 78% agree *
  • Dark circles seem to be erased – 76% agree *
  • Appearance of wrinkles is reduced – 76% agree *

* Consumer test

Gently squeeze the tube and roll over the cleansed skin, about 0.5 cm. under each eye. Use every morning and evening. Avoid direct contact with eyes.

 Baobab Anti-aging Technology

  • Scientists have identified the versican protein as a significant biomarker in the aging of the male skin that contributes to the formation of wrinkles.
  • NovAge Men’s groundbreaking bioactive ingredient – Baobab Anti-aging Technology – has been specially developed to work on the men’s skin, and to tackle this problem directly.
  • The skin is restored with improved flexibility and a decrease in signs of fatigue.

Energy-giving plant stem cell technology

  • Without energy the youthfulness of the men’s skin fades prematurely, which causes a lack of appearance and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • To combat this, Coffea Bengalensis plant stem cell extract is included in NovAge Men.
  • It produces a vitalising effect that promotes healthier functioning skin cells and boosts the antioxidant capacity that helps protect the skin.

Caffeine – reduces swelling and dark circles

  • The skin around the eyes is fragile, so the first signs of fatigue and aging, such as bags and dark circles, often appear here.
  • Caffeine is known as one of the most effective ingredients for eye care.
  • It improves microcirculation, helps reduce swelling around the eyes, just like dark circles, to make eyes look well rested.

Driven by innovative science, proven by clinical studies and powered by advanced technologies and natural plant stem cell extract, NovAge focuses on 12 signs of aging that have the most negative impact on your estimated age. Do not let your skin determine your age! Find the NovAge line that now fits your skin.


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NovAge Men Eye Rescue Gel

Energising anti-ageing eye gel with Baobab Anti ageing Technology, Caffeine and Coffea Bengalensis plant stem cell extract. Reduces appearance of wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles for a fresher, more youthful look. Convenient roller-ball applicator. 15ml



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