NOVAGE Men Intense Anti-Ageing Face Gel Lotion 33201

NOVAGE Men Intense Anti-Ageing Face Gel Lotion 33201

NOVAGE Men Intense Anti-Ageing Face Gel Lotion 33201

NovAge Men Intense Anti-Aging Face Gel Lotion is an advanced day and night lotion composed with Baobab Anti-aging Technology, Coffea Bengalensis vegetable stem cell extract and antioxidant gingko. Reduces visible signs of aging and fatigue and has clinically proven fluid to be included, for 24 hours of hydration. Suppleness, smoothness and clarity are restored and the skin looks younger, with more energy.

Men are really impressed with the performance;

  • Reduces all signs of aging visibly – 78% agree *
  • Absorbs in 10 seconds or less – 90% once *
  • Clinically proven 24 hour hydration 
  • Mattifies the skin – 85% agree *
  • Skin is smoother – 93% agree *
  • Skin is softer – 97% agree *
  • Skin is clearer – 91% agree *

* Consumer test

† Clinical test

Massage every morning and evening in the cleansed skin, avoid the eye area.

Baobab Anti-aging Technology

  • Scientists have identified the versican protein as a significant biomarker in the aging of the male skin that contributes to the formation of wrinkles.
  • NovAge Men’s groundbreaking bioactive ingredient – Baobab Anti-aging Technology – has been specially developed to work on the men’s skin, and to tackle this problem directly.
  • The skin is restored with improved flexibility and a decrease in signs of fatigue.

Energy-giving plant stem cell technology

  • Without energy the youthfulness of the men’s skin fades prematurely, which causes a lack of appearance and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • To combat this, Coffea Bengalensis plant stem cell extract is included in NovAge Men.
  • It produces a vitalising effect that promotes healthier functioning skin cells and boosts the antioxidant capacity that helps protect the skin.

Multifunctional Gingko

  • Gingko calms the skin, improves moisture management and stimulates collagen synthesis.
  • It offers a dual antioxidant effect that helps protect skin from free radicals during the day, and fights these free radicals at night.

Driven by innovative science, proven by clinical studies and powered by advanced technologies and natural plant stem cell extract, NovAge focuses on 12 signs of aging that have the most negative impact on your estimated age. Do not let your skin determine your age! Find the NovAge line that now fits your skin.


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NovAge Men Intense Anti-Ageing Face

Gel Lotion A day and night lotion with Baobab Anti-ageing Technology, Coffea Bengalensis plant stem cell

extract and antioxidant Gingko. Visibly diminishes all signs of ageing and tiredness while restoring

suppleness and brightness, and delivering 24-hour hydration. Skin appears younger and more energised. 50ml



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