Men’s skin is different from women’s skin, so it makes perfect sense for them to have a line developed specifically for their needs.

Success begins when you feel confident

Although there are many similarities, the skin of men is very different from that of women. The good news is that NovAge Men from Oriflame answers all your needs. This line includes skin-specific anti-aging products with rapid absorption, which invigorate the skin and provide instantaneous effect as well as long-term benefits.

50 years of innovation and knowledge in face care

Over the last 50 years, Oriflame has pioneered advanced face care. Today, Oriflame has more than 75 scientists dedicated to identifying, developing and perfecting innovative formulas. NovAge Men is the result of an exceptional work done in the area of ​​masculine face care, which thus enriches the NovAge range of Oriflame .

Oriflame has changed the way you see masculine face care

Extensive studies show that the signs of aging in men appear later than in women, but when the process begins, the effects are much more pronounced. Signs include skin with lack of energy and a tired look – which is the last thing men want to see in the mirror.

To combat these signs, the NovAge Men Face Care line was developed with innovative technologies – Anti-aging Baobab Technology and the invigorating plant extract of Coffea Bengalensis plant stem cells.

This line has been clinically tested on male skin and has been shown to combat the signs of fatigue: wrinkles, rough skin, dehydration, flexibility and elasticity.

The result? A refreshed and rejuvenated look that gives you confidence. What more could you want?

Clinically proven anti-fatigue effect!


  • Wrinkle reduction **
  • Smooth skin **
  • Hydration *
  • Skin Flexibility **
  • Toned skin **

* Clinical test to use the NovAge Men Set. 
** Clinical evaluation performed by male specialists using the NovAge Men Set. 

Anti-aging technology from Baobab, developed specifically for men’s skin. Clinically proven to reveal a reduction in fatigue signs.

Japanese Natural Charcoal, the “king” of cleaning ingredients NovAge face cleansing, formulated with Japanese Natural Charcoal to meet the needs of men’s skin. Coal particles have large surfaces, which helps to absorb excess oiliness as well as impurities, to deeply exfoliate the skin.

Vein Stem Cell Technology

Without energy, the youth of the male skin fades prematurely, causing loss of luminosity and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

To counter this, a stem cell extract from the Coffea Bengalensis plant was added to NovAge Men.

This extract imparts an invigorating effect that stimulates the production of healthy skin cells and a greater antioxidant capacity to protect the skin.

Face Care Routine for Him in 4 Steps

Clean, eyes, potentiate, moisturize: only 4 steps and less than 2 minutes, morning and evening. That’s all you need to follow the NovAge Men routine. The results? Signs of noticeably reduced aging and fatigue, and refreshed and refreshed appearance!

Step 1 – Clear

Purifying and Exfoliating Cleansing removes dead skin cells, impurities and signs of a hectic lifestyle, for oily skin.

83% * – instantly energized skin

Purifying and Exfoliating Cleansing NovAge Men | 33198
A purifying face cleansing, enriched with Japanese Black Coal and exfoliating particles. Removes dead skin cells, deep impurities and pollution particles. The skin is instantly invigorated and oily. 125 ml.

Step 2 – Eyes

Rescue Eye Gel is designed to give your powerful technologies the delicate contour of the eye contour to ease the signs of fatigue.

88% * – refreshed eye contour

NovAge Men Rescue Eye Gel

NovAge Men Rescue Eye Gel | 33199
Antiaging and revitalizing eye gel enriched with Baobab Anti-aging Technology, Caffeine and Coffea Bengalensis plant stem cell extract. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, wrinkles and dark circles for a more youthful and refreshed skin. Practical applicator in sphere. 15 ml.

Step 3 – Empowering

With a high concentration of active ingredients, the Invigorating and Moisturizing Serum invigorates, instantly moisturizes and softens the skin.

94% * – refreshed skin

NovAge Men Revitalizing and Moisturizing Serum

NovAge Men Revitalizing and Moisturizing Serum | 33200
An incredible serum boosted by Baobab Anti-aging Technology, Coffea Bengalensis plant stem cell extract and a combination of vitamins and minerals. Revitalizes, moisturizes, softens and refreshes the skin, leaving it magnificently invigorated. 50 ml.

Step 4 – Moisturize

Anti-Aging Gel Facial Lotion fights all signs of aging, while giving a revitalizing hydration throughout the day.

97% * – softer skin

Anti Aging Gel Facial Lotion NovAge Men

Anti Aging Gel Facial Lotion NovAge Men | 33201
A day and night lotion with Baobab Anti-aging Technology, plant stem cell extract from Coffea Bengalensis and antioxidant Gingko. Visibly reduces signs of aging and fatigue, recovers elasticity, softness and radiance, and gives hydration 24 hours. The skin becomes younger and refreshed. 50 ml.

* Consumer test performed on men’s skin.

The complete solution for an antiaging and invigorating action

NovAge Men Set | 29446
Line of Face Care developed specifically for men’s skin to combat the signs of aging and fatigue. The skin is refreshed, refreshed, softened and rejuvenated. Used routinely, it provides a clinically proven anti-fatigue effect, resulting in less wrinkles and smoother, more moisturized, toned, and more elastic skin.

NovAge Men Set

The set includes:

  • Cleaning
  • Eye Gel
  • Be a
  • Lotion.

Apply every morning and night. Contains 4 standard size products.



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