NovAge Facial Masks

Hydrate, repair and protect your skin with Oriflame’s NovAge Facial Masks. With natural wood fibres, ultra-fine and breathable material, these fabric facial masks create a moisturising layer, like a second skin, that provides the active ingredients that meet the needs

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Revitalise Your Skin With A Facial Mask

love nature face masks

Your skin deserves all the care and softness it can offer you and more! Take care of her as she deserves, whether at home or on the road. Try the new line of Face Masks in the Love Nature range, with specific

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You do not need a special occasion to wear a face mask. Try to add them to your weekly beauty routine by opting for masks that fit the needs of your skin. These are the four face masks you will want to try! 1. Clay

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Ecobeauty Pink Clay Mask | Oriflame Cosmetics – Remineralising & Hydrating

Ecobeauty Pink Clay Mask A unique and precious face mask rich in minerals, aloe vera, shea butter, oligoelements and lactic acid. It is a great multitasker which removes dead skin cells, improves elasticity, remineralises the skin while hydrating and nourishing

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