The Oriflame Blurred Collection focuses on craftsmanship and original details. The colors and patterns of this collection combine wonderfully, allowing you to reveal your free spirit with a modern interpretation of the boho chic style . Saddle Blurred Suitcase “saddle”, spacious, synthetic leather

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An aristocratic collection, full of eccentricity and exoticism. Inspired by dark patterns of nature, but with a more original and extravagant finish. For elegant women who appreciate accessories that match nature; sophisticated, but individualistic. Mala Tiracolour Noble Classic shoulder bag with crocodile skin

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The minimalist trend of this station focuses on the monochromatic neutrals and plays with the volume and different proportions. Get to know the irreverent geometry of Oriflame Still accessories. Mala Still The casual bag is back with a renewed look. Superpractic, the

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Escape to normal and launch yourself into a stylish style, dominated by autumnal tones, rich textiles and exquisite finishes from the Oriflame Country Collection. A field look –  One of the trends in materials this fall will be the suede. Aveludads bag

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FIRE COLLECTION TREND | Oriflame Cosmetics


The intensity of the fire of a flashy red suitcase and a scarf with a colorful pattern will surely highlight it in this season. Enhance your unique style with deep, warm tones, combined with the gleam of gold in elegant, timeless

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SPELL COLLECTION by Oriflame Cosmetics

  Let yourself be bewitched by this collection of Oriflame accessories. Large bag, in soft and zipped drawstrings are up in this season. Appreciated for their spacious interior and versatility, they are beautiful and practical and can be used with everything from

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PURITAN COLLECTION | Oriflame Cosmetics

Be enchanted by the magic of this season and beautify your looks with the Oriflame accessories collections! The Puritan Collection unites a rigid structure and minimalist design to a duo of irreverent colors, creating a perfect match. Style Tip by Teddy, Stylist

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Lattice Toiletry Bag – This Catalogue’s DREAM DEAL

It’s time to prepare your holiday bag! And this year will be able to do it with style, thanks to the Lattice Toiletry Bag  Light but spacious enough for everything you need on your Holiday. Ideal for keeping all your beauty essentials,

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  Circular and irregular shapes are in vogue. The rings are the highlight of the season and the Lincolo Collection of Oriflame gives life to this trend. Oriflame 2017 Trend Award Oriflame supports the dreams of young designersThe winner of

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Ibiza Cerulean Collection


Take a trip through the Mediterranean with this romantic Oriflame collection in a stunning blue and “lace” design. “From its” tote “shape, fabulous blue with contrasting brown accents to the unique laser cut design – everything in this bag is

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