Get ready to radiate beauty with the Oriflame Contouring Kit. Featuring three ultrathin compact powders – each created to contour, brighten or add color – it allows you to accentuate and enhance your best features, like a pro.

Benefits of The ONE Contouring Kit:

  • 3 untrained compact powders;
  • Lasts all day;
  • Constructible cover and easy to mix.
1. Create

dark and matte depth to define and create depth.

2. Highlight your
tone Clear and pearled tone to enhance its features.

3. Add color to
peaches Tomato peach face to add color and a healthy appearance to the cheekbones.

The contouring techniques and lighting allow you to immediately turn their facial features to a more balanced and proportional face.

Tutorial “Contouring”

1. Apply your broker and base preferred color and let dry.

2. Begin by contouring , using the Professional Base Brush (24148) to apply the Bronzer to the temples, under the cheekbones and along the jaw line, to add definition. Switch to Professional Two-Eye Shadow Brush (24147). Use the tip with the long bristles to shade the sides of the nose to help make it appear thinner and sharper.

3. Lighten using the Blush Brush (23255) to apply the illuminator on top of cheekbones, center of forehead, chin and nose cane to enhance brightness.

4. Strain well with the Professional Powder Brush (24150).

Contouring Kit The ONE
Silky powder formula, with ingredients for a confident and long-lasting use, provides a smooth application. Includes mirror. 13.1 g.

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