The ONE Pore Minimising Primer

The ONE Pore Minimising Primer


Instantly reduces pore visibility for a smoother look. The skin is matified for 7 hours (consumer test), keeping the makeup perfect.

Look beautifully matte for 7 hours *

  • Instantly reduces the appearance of pores;
  • Creates a wonderfully smooth look;
  • Helps maintain a matted skin for 7 hours. *

(consumer test)

The ONE Pore Minimising Primer

Prepare your skin to perfection

  1. Use a small amount of Primer Pore Minimizing The ONE to instantly reduce the appearance of the pores, creating a superbly smooth and toned skin for hours.
  2. Neutralize dark circles with the red sub-cream of this Correction Kit. Perfect application with the Brush for Broker on the left.
  3. Use the yellow subtomet cream to neutralize the pimples and redness. Fix the look with the finishing powder of the kit.

Primer Pore Minimising The ONE | 33709
Light and silky formula that helps absorb excess oiliness and imparts a smooth finish. 20 ml.

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