Oriflame’s THE ONE makeup brushes

Oriflame’s THE ONE makeup brushes have a low environmental impact and allow you to optimize the performance of your THE ONE makeup.

Discover THE ONE Makeup Brushes – high-performance Oriflame brushes with low environmental impact, exclusively designed to optimize the performance of THE ONE Makeup.

If you want to apply makeup like a professional makeup artist, you need the right tools. Oriflame has put together a collection of high-quality brushes to guarantee you professional results.

Tip : Buy brushes in pairs. This way, you’ll have a set to use even when travelling. And remember to wash your brushes regularly, once a week, with warm water and baby shampoo or facial cleanser. In this way, you will keep your brushes in the best condition for years to come.

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Not all brushes are the same. Each brush is developed for a specific need to have complete control and can master every detail and enjoy your favourite looks.

Its specific designs give different results when well combined! So if you want to look like a makeup masterpiece, using the right brushes is a must!

Each brush comes in 100% sustainable recycled packaging.

THE ONE Makeup Brushes are made with an environmentally certified wooden handle, multi-fibre technology, and the highest quality dense bristles, customized in tip length and diameter for more effective and precise functionality.

THE ONE foundation brush

High-performance, super-soft brush with dense bristles for incredibly natural, flawless makeup. Blends powder, cream and liquid foundations flawlessly. Wooden handle, aluminium tip, PBT bristles. 15x3cm.

Code: 42478

THE ONE Powder Brush

Soft, high-performance bristles for flawless application of powders and bronzers. It blends without altering the applied makeup for a streamlined, perfected finish. Wooden handle, aluminium tip, PBT bristles. 18x4cm.

Code: 42474

THE ONE Blush Brush

Apply blush, highlighters and bronzers with this large, smooth, high-performance brush. Flawlessly blends the product and glides on smoothly with perfect results. Wooden handle, aluminium tip, PBT bristles. 17x4cm.

Code: 42482

THE ONE Fusion Brush

Soft, high-performance brush for a perfect eye makeup match. The wide design and soft bristles provide a smooth, seamless look. Wooden handle, aluminium tip, PBT bristles. 14x1cm.

Code: 42484

THE ONE Double Eyebrow Brush

Multi-purpose, high-performance brow brush with a comb. The stiff bristles and bevelled brush help with the easy and precise application of the product. Comb to prep, arrange, define and fill in brows. Wooden handle, aluminium tip, Nylon and PBT bristles. 15x1cm.

Code: 42487

THE ONE Lip Brush

Conical lip brush for precise application of the lip product. The pointed tip makes drawing the contour of the lips easy and efficient. Wooden handle, aluminium tip, PBT bristles. 13x1cm.

Code: 4248