You do not need a special occasion to wear a face mask. Try to add them to your weekly beauty routine by opting for masks that fit the needs of your skin. These are the four face masks you will want to try!

1. Clay Masks

Clay masks are great for skin that needs deep cleaning and are especially suitable for oily skin. Ideally, masks containing Bentonite in its formulas – an ingredient known for its purifying properties and for controlling the excessive production of sebum (attached to blackheads and pimples). Oriflame recommends the Pure Skin Purifying Face Mask for Black Dots .

2. Gel masks

Facial gel masks are beneficial to your skin. When compared to cleansing masks, gel masks have been developed to refresh and moisturize the skin, leaving it invigorated. Try the Love Nature Cucumber Facial Mask – pure energy for your skin.

3. Night Masks

Waking up with a refreshed face has never been so easy. With evening facial masks, the skin gets all the nutrients it needs to be at its best upon waking. Do not miss the Intense Skin Recharge NovAge Night Mask – 8 hours of “beauty sleep” inside a bottle for a reduction in fatigue and a magnificently invigorated skin.

4. Compact Masks (non-woven)

With the Korean Beauty fashion, compact (non-woven) masks have become an incredibly popular beauty item. And, in fact, it’s easy to see why. These masks are placed in a container with toner or other beauty products, so they become versatile and super-easy to use. After the mask absorbs the tonic, it removes the excess and puts it on the face. Done! The Oriflame suggestion goes to the Compact Face Mask , for a hydrated and luminous complexion.



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