5 Signs of Aging of the Skin and How to Fight Them

5 Signs of Aging of the Skin and How to Fight Them

5 Signs of Aging of the Skin and How to Fight Them

By mapping and analysing the facial characteristics of several women, Oriflame scientists have identified the signs that really make a difference – the signs with the greatest impact on their perceived age.

These are the signs that the NovAge range fights . NovAge is a tailored face care system designed to meet the needs of your ever-changing skin with products clinically proven to combat the most significant aging signs.

Do not let your skin age. NovAge fights the signs that age the face. From the first line of expression to the deepest wrinkle, this range is always at your side. NovAge is a range of advanced face care that focuses not on age but on the needs of your skin.

Dense pores and rough texture
Dull and dehydrated skin, and enlarged pores – signs that denounce a hectic lifestyle and the perfect height to start delaying the first signs of aging.

The Perfect Face Care routine for you is True Perfection NovAge .


Hyperpigmentation and dark spots

Hyperpigmentation – excessive production of melanin – can occur at any stage of life, may be hereditary or a consequence of physiological imbalances of melanocytes that produce melanin – and, of course, a condition aggravated by external factors such as UV radiation.

The Smart Face Care routine for you is Bright Sublime NovAge .

Lines and wrinkles

With the aging of the skin, the synthesis of collagen decreases, and its natural degradation accelerates, eventually resulting in an imbalance in which the lost collagen is superior to that which is produced. This imbalance results in a weakened extracellular matrix and the formation of wrinkles.

The ideal Face Care routine for you is Ecollagen NovAge .

Loss of elasticity and firmness
Chronological aging and damage from sun exposure make the cells rigid. Rigid fibroblasts can not effectively synthesize elastin and when the production of elastin is reduced, the skin loses firmness and the contours become less defined.

The Ultimate Lift NovAge is the ideal Face Care routine for you .

Ultimate Lift Novage |
Deep wrinkles and loss of density
At menopause, the synthesis of collagen decreases and the rate at which it degrades increases. The result is significantly drier, less dense and resilient skin with deeper wrinkles and less defined face contours.

The ideal Face Care routine for you is Time Restore NovAge .