7 Oriflame Women Reveal Their Colour Obsession

7 Oriflame Women Reveal Their Colour Obsession
Colour Obsession Lipstick

What is your obsession with colour? Whether it’s creative, fun, daring or powerful, we believe that make-up – especially lipstick – is a great way to express yourself. Seven employees from the Oriflame office in Stockholm reveal which of the shades of the new Colour Obsession Lipstick are obsessed and why.

I hesitate to use darker shades at work, but I love light tones. That’s why I love Nude Appeal which, while being a lighter shade, perfectly highlights my lips – a great advantage of this lipstick is its moisturizing action! Maja S

Always felt that the lipstick was not for me. But since I’m a big makeup fan, I always like to try Oriflame’s new make-up products. I then tried on the new Color Obsession The ONE Lipstick and scarcely knew I was going to be completely obsessed with the tone of the Peach Passion . Now I always use it! Klara G 

Cherry Crave is the perfect color for me as it complements my darker skin tone to perfection. Not too dark, not too light. I did not expect something as simple as applying a lipstick would have such a big impact on my confidence. Helene Q

In my opinion, Pink Possession is the perfect rose shade for more bulky looking lips. It applies beautifully, brightens my face and adds a bit of boldness to my look. Evelina M

I love to try out darker shades and Red Fever is perfect! Just a layer for a fabulous color – perfect for when I want a more discreet look, but still with impact. When I want to show all my confidence, I apply a few more layers and voila – Confident to raze! Rebecca F

I love coral shades so I fell in love with Coral Craze! It offers a light and satin finish in the first layer, but it is very easy to add pigmentation – just apply more layers. What I also love in this lipstick is that it lasts a long time! Anna E

Who does not love pink? No pink is too much and Magenta Mania is undoubtedly my new favorite! It does not fade and keeps my lips soft. I’m obsessed! Karolina S