9 Mistakes to Avoid in Bridal Make-up

9 Mistakes to Avoid in Bridal Make-up

9 Mistakes to Avoid in Bridal MakeupNo matter what type of bride you are (or the type of wedding you are planning), you will definitely want a perfect bridal make-up on your big day! To do this, here are some tips that will help reduce the likelihood of mishaps occurring on your wedding day.

1. Do not plan makeup beforehand

While it is tempting to leave makeup to last, you should really start planning your look shortly after choosing the dress. After all, your make-up is an accessory (and very important) to complete your look on that special day. So if you opted for a Boho look , your makeup should be equally discreet. I suggest creating a framework of inspiration in so you can organize and clarify your ideas as well as their combination.

2. Do not mark a test

However, make sure you mark a test at least a few months in advance, so you have enough time to correct and change what you need. Have your idea board ready to show to your makeup artist. The clearer your expectations, the better. And finally, take lots of pictures – with all kinds of lighting – to get a better idea of ​​how your makeup will look in every situation.

3. Making treatments too close to the wedding day

We are talking about tanning, tooth whitening and face treatments. All these things are great ways to look wonderful. However, you should prepare them well in advance in case anything goes wrong. Give at least a couple of weeks (or days, in the case of the tan) so as not to run the risk of having last-minute spots or pimples.

4. Try something new

Normally, we are always receptive to new experiences, but on the day of your marriage you want to look and feel as much as you can with yourself. So, if you normally do not use faded eyes or heavily loaded lips, this is not the time to test the waters. Choose what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.

5. Exaggerate the bridal make-up

Although it is acceptable (and even advisable) to add some extra products (such as primer or fixative ) to the photos, you certainly will not want to overdo it with everything else. Remember what I mentioned above about yourself, because the same logic applies here as well. The starting point is: no matter what you are using, do it in moderation and make sure everything is perfectly mixed.

6. Do not wear waterproof eye makeup

Between tears and sweating (of dances, of course), there are many factors that can lead to a spoiled bridal make-up. Fortunately, there are several eyeliners, masks and even eye shadows that do not stain, until you attack them with a makeup remover.

7. Wear too much shine

Yes, you will want to be dazzling and fresh on the big day, but there is a fine line between looking radiant and a ball of grease. Keep the illuminator on your cheeks and the bridge of your nose and the inner corners of your eyes – but it may be best to dispense with the forehead and upper lip (areas that are more prone to sweating).

Neglecting your body

This is especially important if wearing a strapless dress or exposing your chest, arms and back. Two things to note: carefully mix the base on the neck and neckline, so there is no disconnection with the face. Then spread a light lotion over the exposed skin so that nothing is uneven or dry.

9. Do not touch up at night

This can be a chore for your maid of honor (if you have them at your wedding). Prepare a small bag with just a few essentials (face wipes, lipstick, lip gloss). They will be precious in those little touches throughout the day or night and that make all the difference in the photos.