Beauty Care for Fantastic Skin in Autumn

Beauty Care for  Fantastic Skin in Autumn

Beauty Care for a Fantastic Skin in Autumn

Autumn is essential to prepare us for the winter. Although the winds may not be very cold, they are cold enough to dry our skin and dehydrate it. So what products should you invest in for your beauty care in the fall? To ensure that you continue to enjoy healthy skin regardless of the temperature you feel on the street, Oriflame has prepared a series of tips you will certainly want to put into practice!

Hydrated skin

With dry air to unbalance the water content in the skin, you need creams and products that retain hydration from the inside for a natural hydration of the skin. In addition to preventing dehydration, moisturizing creams help to leave the skin soft and comfortable.

If you are looking for a lotion with a wonderful fragrance and ingredients from nature, then we have the solution for you. Try Love Nature body lotions with almond or lavender scents and intense moisturizing action.

Keep your hands soft

The autumn chill leaves the skin and hands especially vulnerable. Many people find that it is too early to wear gloves, so the skin can become dry and irritated. Keeping your hand cream on the suitcase is essential.

For beauty care in autumn, it is best to choose a cream with a warm aroma, such as Spiced Citrus Hand Cream. It not only moisturises the skin but also invigorates the senses.

Beauty Care for a Fantastic Skin in Autumn

Take a relaxing bath

There is nothing better than a hot shower when you are cold and tired. To relax in this season, try a pH-balanced, soap-free bath foam for optimal use even on sensitive skin. Its floral fragrance will relax your body and mind.

Do not forget foot care

Although your feet are covered most of the time, not taking care of feet this season is a huge mistake, which you will regret in the following months.

To keep your feet soft, try the new product: Pomegranate Foot Cream and Heather Winter Comforts FeetUp. Ideal for cold weather, this cream will work wonders for your skin.

Protect your skin when you are on the street

Although it is autumn, the skin needs protection against UV rays. Using day creams that prevent dehydration while providing sun protection is indispensable.

The Optimals Even Out Day Cream with FPS20 is perfect. With a combination of quality Swedish ingredients, this cream protects the skin from UV rays and pollution, while maintaining skin moisturizing levels.

Lip balms are indispensable

Cracked lips can ruin your make-up. This autumn l, keep your lips moisturised and soft, using a lip balm or moisturising lipstick.

The ONE Triple Core Core lipstick combine vibrant colour, shine and nourishing action. Always carry it in the bag and enjoy hydrated lips throughout autumn and winter.