The iconic Oriflame Bronzing Giordani Gold Pearls bring warmth, color and shine to the face, cheekbones and décolleté. Hand-crafted in Italy, powdered pearls are made from a unique combination of warm tones and illuminating particles that enhance the complexion and give it a wonderful shine.

The Giordani Gold range was born in 1976 – inspired by the energy, passion and timeless style of Italian life. Initially only with a fragrance, and later, in 1980, with makeup, where Bronzing Pearls became prominent and became one of the most popular and sold Oriflame products.

Pure art

The process of creating these pearls is complex – and accomplished by highly skilled craftsmen, who are dedicated to getting a perfect job. In an era when most products are entirely machine-made, the production of our pearls requires experienced artisans.
Produced in Italy , the pearls are molded and hand-sprayed in order to ensure a perfect consistency, and finally baked in special ovens to obtain the perfect spherical shape. Each pearl is a true work of art.

Multipurpose pearls that can be used to give a delicately tanned effect such as blush and as an illuminator to the cheekbones, face and neckline. Apply with a powder brush and repeat if necessary, for a more intense effect.


Bronzing Pearls Giordani Gold
Luxurious, hand-shaped and multicolored powdered pearls that give the skin a light and tan look, a slight shine and a touch of healthy color. The mixture of tones always allows a natural result. 25 g.

32081 Natural Radiance Gives a fresh look and vitality to tired, dull skin.


32082 Natural Bronze Provides a “sun-kissed” skin tone.For people with fair or tanned skin.

32083 Natural Peach For those who want a smooth appearance.Slightly more intense than Natural Radiance .

32084 Dark Bronze For a dark skin and a warm glow.

Giordani Gold Powder Brush – Black
Luxurious conical powder brush with animal bristle that allows you to obtain a building cover. Ideal for use in conjunction with Bronzing Giordani Gold Pearls. Dimensions: 12.5 x 2.3 x 2.3 cm.Code: 28759


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