CC Hair Beautifier Advanced Care HairX Spray

CC Hair Beautifier Advanced Care HairX Spray

One product – several fantastic hair benefits. Protection, beauty and nutrition, all in one step. No need to rinse. Get to know Oriflame’s CC Hair Beautifier Advanced Care HairX Spray.

Surrender to this amazing multi-benefit cream! A complete care for your hair , with a soft, non-greasy formula, suitable for frequent use and for all types of hair. Helps nourish hair from the inside, repairs damaged hair and makes it healthier and easier to comb.

CC Hair Beautifier Advanced Care HairX Spray

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Multi-Benefit Cream


  • Prepares hair for the application of styling products ;
  • Helps prevent hair damage;
  • Helps protect painted hair;
  • Helps prevent heat damage;
  • Helps prevent spiked tips;
  • Helps seal the hair cuticles;
  • Helps protect against external aggressors.


  • The hair becomes softer and silky to the touch;
  • Adds softness;
  • The hair gets brighter;
  • Controls curly hair;
  • Anti-static effect;
  • It facilitates the drying of the hair;
  • Light formula.


  • Nourishes;
  • Makes it easy to comb;
  • Sensation of hydrated hair;
  • Disembark;
  • Strengthens.


How to use:

  1. Press the dispenser 2-4 times in the palm of your hand.
  2. Rub the product between your hands and distribute evenly on the hair.
  3. Spread the product thoroughly on damp or dry hair, from the middle to the ends. Do not rinse.


Spray CC Hair Beautifier Advanced Care HairX  Multi-
benefit spray, leave-in spray, with Complex Phytonutrients for smoother, easier-to-comb and beautiful hair. Not greasy, not cola. Suitable for everyday use and for all hair types. 150 ml.