Diamond Cellular

Diamond Cellular

Pure luxury! The complete care for a diamond-like skin. Oriflame has discovered a real innovation and the secret to young skin and a shiny complexion. Enriched with authentic Diamond Powder, the Diamond Cellular range gives your skin brightness and radiance.

This luxurious range of Oriflame contains active-ingredient illuminator to help lighten the skin and minimize uneven pigmentation. Formulated with the Diamond Micro and the White Truffle Extract of the south of France, it is the ultimate luxury in the care of the Oriflame face , revealing a visibly rejuvenated and illuminated complexion.

A sumptuous cream that brightens the complexion, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and reforms the oval of the face. Legendary and rejuvenating formula with genuine Diamond Powder. And it is designed for those who want the best and want to get visible results using only a single cream.

The Diamond Cellular range is intended for women over the age of 40 regardless of their skin type.

Eternal Beauty Complex

This range has been enriched with genuine diamond powder and the Eternal Beauty Complex to rejuvenate the skin while giving it an absolutely luxurious and healthy shine. According to the Swedish brand, the Eternal Beauty complex is the secret to a rejuvenated skin. Over time, the process of cell renewal becomes slower, leading to aging.

The Eternal Beauty Complex acts on a molecular level and stimulates cellular longevity, attenuating and slowing the ageing process of the skin. The complex is composed of myrtle extracts – known for the rejuvenating properties; extracts of helichrysum – associated with immortality and longevity; and peptide complex – anti-wrinkle action.

The Diamond elixir is composed of diamond dust – a symbol of beauty and strength; extracts of white truffle – also known as “white diamond”; and active depigmenting agents – derived from peas, help to depigmentate the dark spots and tone the skin.

Diamond Cellular Anti-Aging Cream

Exceptional formula, which visibly attenuates the signs of aging, thus revealing a beautiful and healthy skin. Cream enriched with Elixir Diamond ™ to restore and enhance skin lightness. The Eternal Beauty Complex stimulates cell longevity. Contains bright pigments for instantly radiant skin. 50 ml

Diamonds Celluar Anti-Ageing Cream

To obtain these results, Oriflame advises to apply the cream every morning and evening, after cleaning and toning the skin, massaging in circular movements until completely absorbed, avoiding contact with the eyes.

Code: 13659

Micellar Diamond Cellular Cleaning

Contains a luxurious all-in-1 formula that acts as a make-up remover and tonic while at the same time caring for the skin, balancing, lightening and keeping it fresh. The exclusive Elixir that is present in the entire Diamond Cellular range, in combination with active ingredients, compensates for the tone of the hair and help rejuvenate the hair without dullness. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones. Dermatologically tested. 200 ml.

How to use: Use morning and evening with a cotton disc by gently massaging the face and neck. No need to rinse.

Code: 21339

Diamond Cellular Night Restorative Treatment
Micellar Water and Night Treatment Diamond Cellular | 

Diamond Cellular Restorative Night Care

Result of the perfect combination of Precious Natural Ingredients and Innovative Technology. This Night Treatment effectively stimulates the cell renewal process, thus revealing a visibly rejuvenated skin in just 14 nights. The Diamond Elixir ™ Complex returns lightness to the skin while Cellular Sal Acid renews the skin surface. Apply to the skin every night before bedtime. 30 ml.

  • Enriched with diamond powder;
  • Stimulates the cell renewal process;
  • Renews skin surfaces;
  • Skin rejuvenated in 14 nights.

The skin loses its elasticity over the years. The cells regenerate more slowly and grow older. Diamond Cellular Night Care accelerates the natural regeneration of skin cells and increases the production of new cells. It is suitable for all skin types. For best effect, it should be worn at night after carefully cleansed skin.

Tests performed with 62 women during two weeks show that:

Visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles – 79% effectiveness; 
The skin is instantly radiant – 87% effective.

Code: 18437

Diamond Cellular Multi-Perfection Eye Cream

Eye Care for Fussy Women! Gentle eye care, but intense, to minimize dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness. With its silky texture, it moisturizes intensely and corrects fine lines and wrinkles – for a smooth, youthful eye contour. Contains genuine diamond extracts that work at a molecular level, promoting cell regeneration, slowing the signs of aging and prolonging the youthful appearance of the skin. 15 ml.

The Eternal Youth Complex enhances collagen production by repairing damage and retaining hydration in the eye contour area to soften wrinkles. It softens the circles and dark bags, intensely moisturizes the skin around the eye area.

The White Diamond Elixir was created with White Truffle which improves blood circulation, balances pigmentation and improves complexion, giving the eye area a soft touch and youthful glow.

Code: 22419

Source: oriflame.uk