We all have “nuances” in personality. No one is exactly what they seem to be initially, and some people love playing with it – to challenge others’ perception of who they are. For these confident and cheerful women, Oriflame presents the Disguise Collection The ONE.

A unique collection that goes beyond the obvious, with a bold and powerful Eau de Parfum that defines every new look it creates.

A collaboration with fashion

To create a bold and unique look for the Disguise The ONE Collection, Oriflame has collaborated with one of Europe’s finest fashion schools – the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp.

Fashion student Rushemy Botter was selected for his modern interpretation of the trend of optical illusion- a technique in the fashion industry that uses simple illusions that play with reality and illusion.

A complete look

Based on Rushemy Botter’s modern interpretation of this trend, we have created a complete collection of fantastic, high-quality products that enable you to create versatile, high-impact, and current looks that challenge the way others see you.

Latest trend in fragrances

Nothing completes a new exciting look better than a fragrance. The Eau de Parfum Disguise The ONE is always current, with vibrant notes, inspired by rhubarb, mandarin, vanilla and raspberry. Bottle with modern design and that requires attention.


The collection

Eau de Parfum Disguise The ONE
A bold fragrance with delicious, vibrant and sophisticated notes that gives it an irresistible aroma. Bottle with modern design and that requires attention. 50 ml.

Code: 33413 

Mala Disguise
Stroll with a unique piece that exhibits the trend of optical illusion. Irreverent suitcase in synthetic leather with an original pattern that requires attention. With painted details, practical handle and a fabulous gold metal buckle.

Code:  29777 

Disguise Bracelet
Keep the trend of optical illusion alive even in the small details. This full style bracelet looks like a small belt and has painted details, perfect for use with Mala Disguise. Dimensions: 39 cm long, 1 cm wide.

Code: 29778 

Mate Lipstick Mousse Lip Sensation The ONE
Leave your mark and show your fearless side with the new three shades of Mate Lipstick Mousse Lip Sensation.

Long Varnish Duration The ONE
Your Game – Your Rules. New tones to create manicures with original and graphic designs for an impeccable look. Click here to get inspired!


A unique collection

The personality has many dimensions and it is important to express all of them with bold and current looks that challenge the way others see it.

Through collaboration with one of the best fashion schools in Europe, we have selected a progressive fashion trend that inspires us to develop a range of products that play with the effects of illusion.

The Disguise Collection The ONE offers a selection of products that allows you to create versatile, bold and current looks that challenge the way others see you. The collection is defined by a fragrance – the Eau de Parfum Disguise The ONE – to complete each look.

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