Dream Soft Cleansing Bar

Dream Soft Cleansing Bar

Dream Soft  Cleansing Bar

Fresh, clean, lightly fragranced  hands!

Cleanse hands with our pleasantly fragranced  Dream Soft Cleansing Bar. Designed to leave  your hands soft, smooth and squeaky clean.  Inhale the fresh, clean, lingering scent that  conjures up gently swaying autumn blossoms, diffusing a light, uplifting, floral aroma

Dream Soft Cleansing Bar


Gentle everyday cleansing  Suitable for sensitive skin  Cleanses skin

Creamy, delicate foam  Floral fragrance


Autumn blossom: top notes of jasmine,  magnolia and green mandarin, with a heart  of rose petals, white peach and aloe, finishing  with the dry down; a blend of cedar wood,  musk and moss..

DreamSoft CleansingBar

Cleanse hands with a pleasantly fragranced soap bar, designed to leave hands soft, smooth and squeaky clean – its light, uplifting, floral scent conjuring up fresh autumn blossoms. No fuss and value for money. 65g