Eau de Toilette Dare To Shine

Eau de Toilette Dare To Shine

It’s time to shine. There is no better time to show all its brilliance than now. Oriflame brings you a fragrance precisely for this moment. A fragrance that combines charisma and femininity with a touch of boldness. Let yourself be seduced by Dare to Shine.

Dare To Shine is the fragrance that belongs to the special women , with charisma and brave spirit. Ideal for when you want to exude brilliance in everything that you do.

Olfactory Family – Oriental Floral

  • Green pear
  • Tiara Flower Notes
  • Vanilla
Philippine Courtièr
Philippine Courtièr

Philippine Courtièr – perfumer

Aromatic creator with an Oriental touch. Philippine’s family tradition meant that he was destined to become a perfumer. Passionate for the search for new inspirations and ingredients, Philippine has already developed a personal style of “joie de vivre.”

Star Ingredient – Tiara Flower Notes

Philippine drew on the scent of the tiaré flower. The tropical heat and natural environment of French Polynesia, where the tiaré flower grows, creates the perfect environment for an intense and sophisticated fragrance.

Philippine added balsamic and infusion of samba jasmine to complement the floral heart of this fragrance. Featuring a fruity top with green pear and raspberry, and a base of vanilla, sandalwood and grey amber, this fragrance has an invigorating top, a sumptuous heart and a sensual and feminine track.

“A perfumer sends a message, both to the user of his fragrance and to whoever crosses it.”

Eau de Toilette Dare To Shine
Source: oriflame.uk 2019

Eau de Toilette Dare To Shine

Radiance glow with this sophisticated floral and fruity fragrance with notes of tiaré flower, green pear and a warm trace of vanilla. Featuring an intensely floral heart and a touch of black pepper to convey its daring character, the Dare to Shine fragrance is presented in a diamond-inspired bottle. Reveal all your brightness and confidence. 50 ml.

Code: 34484

Source: oriflame.uk