Floral Embrace Collection

Floral Embrace Collection

Embrace Floral Collection

Show the women in your life how much they mean to you with a set of perfect gifts. The undeniable aroma of the peonies reinvigorate and inspire, for unforgettable moments. Make this an unforgettable day.

A magnificent collection of Oriflame for those who like to cover themselves with flowers even during the shower! Contains hand cream, shower gel and soap, all with a fresh floral scent that conveys joy.

Floral Hand Cream Embrace | 34070
Moisturizing hand cream with refreshing floral scent of peonies and wisteria. Smoothes and moisturizes the skin. 75 ml.

Embrace Floral Shower Gel | 34333
Shower gel with fresh and floral aroma of peonies and wisteria. Gentle cleansing for the skin, without soap and with balanced pH. 250 ml.

Embrace Floral Soap | 34012
Soft soap with fresh and floral aroma of peonies and wisteria. Lets go by the wonderfully scented. Includes a stylish box. 75 g.

Flower Pastel Scarf | 29920
Scarf with floral pattern in pastel shades. Includes offer cachaça. Material: 100% polyester. Dimensions: 190 x 90 cm.