Feminine hygiene products

Feminine hygiene products
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Feminine hygiene products are essentials in life. Many women rely on them every month, and need to know that they are well protected throughout the entirety of their monthly cycle. Because these products you need to buy regularly, it’s important that you don’t waste money and are as comfortable as you are when you’re not on your period.

feminine hygiene products Enjoy Feminelle in your hygiene routine and discover a delicate experience that respects the natural pH balance of your intimate area.

Infused with delicate floral aromas and formulated with additional vitamins, these products will make you feel wonderfully fresh throughout the day.

Feminelle offers balanced pH products specifically formulated for your intimate area with natural lactic acid. By combining wonderful feminine scents with gentle ingredients, you feel fresh, clean and confident.



Soothing Intimate Wash with Chamomile flower extracts | 33459

This mild wash with caring chamomile flower extract from Feminelle helps you feel fresh and confident throughout the day thanks to the feminine scent. Specially formulated with lactic acid and added vitamins to preserve the natural balance of your intimate zone. Dermatologically, gynecologically and allergen tested. Mild enough for daily use.

Refreshing Cleansing Lotion Intimate Feminelle


Refreshing Cleansing Lotion Intimate Feminelle | 33022

Refresh your intimate area daily with this gentle cleansing lotion pH balanced water-based soothing Rose. With lactic acid and vitamins, it has a fresh perfume and was prone to dermatological tests, gynecological and allergens.

Soft, moisturizing and suitable, including for delicate skin, Rose Water is delicately extracted from the small rose-scented petals for a soothing freshness

Feminelle Protecting Intimate Wash


Feminelle Protecting Intimate Wash | 31326
Mild wash with aloe vera extract, lactic acid and vitamins, of course, to protect the delicate intimate area against dryness and discomfort. Mild daily cleaning with a soft fragrance gives you a fresh, confident and comfortable feeling. Allergen tested, dermatological and gynecological tested. 300 ml

Feminelle Comforting Intimate Wash


Feminelle Comforting Intimate Wash | 34039
Feel fresh and confident all day with this gentle daily cleansing with pH balanced, softening Orchid Flower extract and refreshing feminine scent. Specially formulated with lactic acid and vitamins to help maintain the natural balance of the intimate area. Tested dermatologically, gynecologically and for allergens. Gentle enough for daily use.



Feminelle Special Care +

Advanced products that are more than cleanings. Oriflame’s Feminelle Special Care + range offers advanced solutions for intimate areas with specific problems. Developed to provide protection against discomfort, these products will make you feel fresh and confident throughout the day.

Feminelle Special Care+

Intimate Cleansing Gel and Deodorant Feminelle Special Care + | 23646
A deodorant cleansing and deodorizing gel with Deo Complex that provides a super-refreshingsensation while effectively preventing the development of bad odors caused by bacteria and limiting the proliferation of dangerous bacteria. Leaves skin refreshed and moisturised.

Feminelle Special Care+ Moisturising Intimate Balm

Intimate Moisturising Balm Feminelle Special Care + | 32340
Daily intimate moisturising balm. Soft formula with balanced pH, with natural lactic acid and Soothe Complex, which nourishes, moisturizes and helps protect the skin against ingrown hairs and the discomfort caused by razor and wax depilation. Dermatologically, gynecologically and allergenically tested.

Helps prevent ingrown hairs After razor-sharp depilation, sharp, irregular hair tips can form an arc inward, or grow sideways, preventing them from escaping naturally through the pores. This causes skin irritation and results in the formation of red blisters on the surface of the skin.

The Feminelle Special Care + Moisturising Intimate Balm contains Glycolic Acid, which gently exfoliates dead skin cells, helping to keep pores open so the hair grows normally