Giordani Gold Pure Úforia Foundation

HARMONY ESSENCE is an advanced texture technology that contains a particle based on your skin’s natural structure. When you apply the foundation, your skin recognises the particle and promotes a euphoric feeling of skin harmony.  is a blend of glow peptide and harmonising pigments that reduce visible dark spots and redness for a luminous glow  Giordani Gold’s new lightweight foundation unifies your skin tone and leaves your complexion looking healthy with a crystal-like glow. But there is more: its special technology promotes a feeling of happiness as you apply. It’s harmony you can both see and feel! Non-comedogenic SPF 35+ With Harmony Essence, a texture technology inspired by nature, crafted to promote a euphoric feeling. HydraBlend designed to hydrate beneath the surface of the skin Helps you feel as good as you look.

How to Use 

Apply foundation to cleansed skin. You can use fingertips or Flawless Foundation Brush for a more flawless result. Using short strokes, apply lightly at first and layer as desired. 

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