Giordani Gold White Original

Giordani Gold White Original

Eau de Parfum Giordani Gold White Original

Discover the pleasures of bella vita with the warmth and vitality of the Eau de Parfum Giordani Gold White Original. An elegantly simple fragrance, in an exquisite bottle, radiating the invigorating vitality of the hyacinth, orange-flower water and patchouli.

Moments of Refinement

Giordani Gold White Original incorporates a more relaxed and simple facet of the Giordani Gold woman . Fresh and invigorating notes of tangerine, raspberry and hyacinth convey vitality, before revealing a vibrant, feminine heart composed of water of orange blossom, nectarine and sweet honeysuckle aroma.

The perfumer – Daphné Bugey

The long-standing passion for fragrances by master perfumer Daphné Bugey, as well as her travels and manner of expression, inspire her to create scents suggestive of Oriflame and other premium brands such as Issey Miyake, Max Mara and Le Labo. Daphné is an accomplished explorer, who likes to experiment with aromas. Daphné sees fragrances as forms of expression, and the aromas he creates often incorporate notes reminiscent of his travels.

With a luxurious aroma, the Giordani Gold Original Eau de Parfum shines with radiant mandarin top notes . Like heart notes, it has the iconic orange blossom , surrounded by a bouquet of white flowers. A delicate trace follows the warm patchouli , as a base note.

As you evolve, elusive musk, sensual vanilla and exquisite patchouli lend a warm and elegant trace to this luxurious cypriot-fruity-floral fragrance .

Patchouli – with delicate pink flowers and aromatic green leaves, patchouli is the source of a powerful oil, known and appreciated over time.

Eau de Parfum Giordani Gold White Original

Eau de Parfum Giordani Gold White Original

Integrated into a meticulously created bottle with elegant silver accents. The Eau de Parfum Giordani Gold White evokes a softer facet of the woman who lives her life in a passionate way with her effervescent infusion of orange-flower water. Feminine, fresh and extraordinarily sensory, this sublime eau de parfum cyprus-fruity-floral personifies the joy and freedom of the pleasures of life. 50 ml.

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