HairX Advanced Care

HairX Advanced Care

Get to know the new Oriflame HairX range with improved formulas! Finally has the complete solution for fantastic hair. Frizzy, faded color, dull appearance and lack of volume are part of the past. 

HairX stands for science, innovation and effectiveness. Since 2009, this range has evolved and its formulas have been improved. The new HairX range contains Phytonutrient Complex, developed to mimic the natural composition of hair.

Science, innovation and effectiveness – enriched by nature. Choose the line that best fits the condition of your hair and enjoy beautiful and healthy hair.

HairX Advanced Care

We want our hair to be at its best every day. However, with chemical processes, environmental factors and external aggressions, hair becomes spleen and damaged.

Powered by Nature – The Power of Phytonutrients

Each HairX Advanced product contains Phytonutrient Complex, derived from Soy and Safflower Oil. This is a combination rich in protein and lipids, similar to protein and lipid complexes present in the hair structure and essential for healthy hair. This helps protect, nourish and repair hair from the inside.

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  • Soy : Proteins are the main component of hair structure. That’s why we chose the high-protein soybean extract that penetrates the hair, helping to nourish and soften it.
  • Safflower : Safflower oil contains linoleic acid, a naturally occurring lipid in the hair. This lipid is vital for a healthy hair structure and promotes stronger and more flexible hair.


Specific Ingredients

In addition to phytonutrients, each HairX Advanced line contains specific ingredients. These have been developed to address specific concerns such as lack of volume, color protection – so you can find the right products for your specific needs.

  • The Phytonutrient Complex : Rich in a combination of protein and lipids, similar to protein and lipid complexes naturally present in the hair structure, giving hair exceptional protection as well as a nourishing and moisturizing action.
  • Specific Ingredients : Each line contains unique ingredients that meet the specific needs of each type of hair.
  • Improved design and fragrance : The transparent sticker makes it easy to find the perfect line for your needs. You will also love the refreshing new fragrance!

Difference between conditioner and hair mask

Both the conditioner and the mask provide care and protection after washing the hair. The mask is richer in nutrients than the conditioner. If you need more intense care, you can choose the mask, alternately using the conditioner.

Dry Shampoo

Ideal whenever you want to delay the wash, which can be beneficial not to overload your hair. Usually the hair tips are still clean, but the scalp does not. In these cases, Dry Shampoo can be a quick and easy solution. Also great for giving your hair a fresh look instantly, in addition to providing more volume.

The solution finally arrived! 

Regardless of your needs or hair type – there is finally a complete solution: the new HairX Advanced range!