In Action THE ONE – Workout Makeup

In Action THE ONE by Oriflame is the solution for anyone looking for training makeup. Resistant and high performance.
Workout Makeup

If you are looking for training makeup, In Action THE ONE by Oriflame is the solution.

These products were developed specifically for use in the gym or outdoors in the context of training and allow you to keep looking your best after each session.

A durable, high-performance make-up for cheekbones, lips and eyelashes.

Workout Makeup

High-performance results, powerful sweat-proof formulas, and long-lasting makeup solutions for super-active women. They are always boosted with antioxidants, thanks to Active Energiser Technology.

Enjoy sweat-proof makeup designed to train to perfection.

The best training ally

With formulas that absorb oil, resist sweat and help strengthen your skin and lashes while you work out, In Action THE ONE Mascara is your best training ally ever!

Once applied, a lightweight, breathable film forms around each lash to repel water and set the formula.

  • sweatproof*
  • Waterproof*
  • smudge proof*

* consumer test

The semi-curved shape adapts perfectly to the lash line (consumer test), with bristles at the tip of the brush for an extra lifting effect.

Active Energiser Technology helps strengthen eyelash protection and nutrition.

Workout Makeup

IN ACTION THE ONE Sweatproof Mascara

Ensures your mask doesn’t run, smudge or come off, thanks to the quick-dry finish and long-lasting use, even in harsh conditions. 8 ml.

Code: 43509

Multipurpose colour for an action-packed life!

Sweat-proof, water-resistant and resistant to prolonged wear on lips and cheeks for a healthy, natural colour.

Colour pigments are created to leave a long-lasting tone on the skin and to help resist the effects of sweat and water.

  • sweatproof*
  • Long-lasting colour*
  • Waterproof*
  • Active Energiser helps strengthen the skin and nourishes you while you exercise
  • Light coverage for a natural, healthy look
  • Long-lasting – up to 24 hours*

* consumer test

Usage mode:

Lips – apply directly to the lips, just like lipstick!

Cheekbones – apply small dots to the cheekbones and blend. You can use your fingertips! Repeat until you reach the desired colour intensity.

Lips and Cheeks In Action THE ONE

Lightweight gel formula for a refreshing feeling when applied. With Active Energiser to help strengthen the skin and restore skin’s beauty. 10 ml.

Workout Makeup

43506 Lively Pink

43507 Power Red

43508 Fresh Berry

A foundation that matches your performance

A long-wearing matte foundation* that lets you keep looking fresh while you work out. Keeps sweat, unwanted shine and redness under control.

SPF 40 – the highest protection ever in Oriflame cosmetics.

  • Sweat and waterproof. Does not transfer*.
  • Absorbs oil and sweat for a long-lasting matte finish.
  • Long-lasting – up to 16 hours*.

* consumer test

Micro-Absorbents soak up oil and sweat as you exercise to prevent unwanted shine and keep your skin mattified.

Workout Makeup

Foundation In Action with FPS 40 THE ONE

Contains Micro Absorbents, soft and ultra-fine powders, to control the appearance of oil and shine. It doesn’t transfer and doesn’t stay in the protective mask. SPF 40. 30 ml.

43510 Light Ivory

43511 Medium Beige

43512 Warm Tan