Introducing Waunt — our new skincare-makeup hybrid brand!

Maybe it’s time for a glow-up, or you’re just looking for products that give you a fresh, natural look? Either way, we’ve got exciting news for you! Waunt is a new fun range of skincare products designed to give you flawless skin and a natural no make-up make-up look with benefits from both skincare and make-up. Are you here for it? Read on to find out everything you need to know!

WauntInstant Retouching Effects

Imagine waking up, applying moisturiser and serum and leaving for work without a touch of make-up but your skin still looks flawless. That’s what the make-up effects in Waunt do. There’s nothing (!) wrong with bare skin, but who doesn’t like a little extra glow or blurring? Let’s break down the effects you can expect from the Waunt products:

• Priming – creating a good base for make-up
• Blurring – covering up imperfections
• Tone-unifying – pigments create a more even complexion
• Smoothing – smoothing out the skin’s texture
• Illuminating – with powders and shimmers
• Glow-effect – from shimmers, hydration and oils
• Mattifying – with powders that reduce oiliness

Next Generation Hydration
Skincare is nothing without hydration, and we’ve made sure that Waunt delivers! The products have a unique technology called Hydrosphere Technology, with a sponge-like structure that provides slow-release, clinically proven hydration that lasts for 24 hrs. It also has an inside-out effect. It strengthens the skin’s barrier function, reduces water loss from the inside, and forms a moisture-releasing film on the outside to give you immediate and long-lasting hydration.

So, now that you know what skincare-makeup hybrids are, how can you use them in your daily routine? Well, you can either use them on their own depending on your skin needs or combine them to create different looks:

Glowy look
For example, if you want a natural, glowy and hydrated look, you can combine the Sleeping Mask, Eye Cream, Dewy Gel-Cream and Skin Retoucher. Combined, these products will boost your skin with hydration and highlight and add glow with reflective oils and subtle shimmers. If you’re worried about looking shiny, don’t be! The Skin Retoucher contains oil-absorbing powders that give your skin glow but without shininess.

Retouched matte look
If your skin is a bit red and uneven, combine the Toner-Cream, Eye Stick and Whipped Day Cream. These products will replenish and hydrate the skin, smooth and even out the skin tone and reduce the appearance of redness to give you a semi-matte, retouched finish.

Purified natural look
If you’re not into make-up effects and want to show off your skin au natural, combine the Butter Cleanser, Heat Mask and Toner-Cream. These products will cleanse & nourish, get rid of impurities, calm and smooth the skin and enhance your skin’s natural glow.

The benefit of hybrid products is their versatility! You can use them as skincare, like make-up for a no make-up makeup look or as the base for a heavier makeup look. Whatever you choose, they’ll definitely add a high dose of hydration and help give you a flawless, photo-ready base!

Are you excited to try Waunt – Go check out the products!