Lipstick Matte Mousse Lip Sensation The ONE

Lipstick Matte Mousse Lip Sensation The ONE

Lipstick Mate Mousse Lip Sensation The ONE

Enjoy a stylish and super trendy look that will make her stand out from the crowd! The Oriflame Mousse Lip Sensation Lipstick The Oriflame ONE provides a silky finish with buildable texture, from lighter to more intense tones.

Lip Sensation is all about texture and finish. In this case, it has a mousse texture, a soft and velvety finish and offers the coverage and color of a solid lipstick.

Mate & Mousse – If you combine the lightest mousse texture with a velvety matte finish, what will be the result? Superb color and sensational lips!

Toffee Cream, Plush Peach and Tangerine Tango – only the names are a delight. And the colors are magnificent!

5 Reasons to Wear Liquid Lipstick

If you need motives to try on a liquid lipstick and start using the Mousse Lip Stick Mate Sensation The ONE , here are five reasons why you need a liquid lipstick in your life:

1. Achieve a perfectly uniform and rich layer on the first pass. No glue. Liquid lipsticks adhere to lips as lipgloss but confer intense pigments and lipstick coverage. The perfect match.

2. Whatever your preferred shade, there is a Lip Sensation Liquid Lipstick for you. Adjust the tone to reflect your state of mind. After all, you do not need to have just one favorite!

3. One of the best features of liquid lipsticks is their long lasting color. Once dry, it stays perfect on the lips – without needing to constantly re-apply it.

4. You can say goodbye to your lip liner because Lip Sensation liquid lipsticks offer everything. The applicator gives you the precision you need to create a defined lip look with no additional steps.

5. And finally, Lip Sensation liquid lipsticks are an easy way to try out some of the hottest tones of the passerelles. Are you ready for a bold and vibrant look?

Lipstick Mate Mousse Lip Sensation The ONE

Lipstick Mate Mousse Lip Sensation The ONE

Air-soft liquid lipstick with a soft, velvety finish in fabulous full-coverage, long-lasting shades. With soothing and moisturizing ingredients, to keep the lips nourished. It’s the obligatory lipstick in any woman’s suitcase. 5 ml.

31944 Toffee Cream

31945 Satin Rose

31946 Coral Dream

31947 Red Velvet

31948 Plush Peach

31949 Pink Velor

31950 Raspberry Cloud

31951 Rouge Suede

32256 Soft Mulberry

32257 Boysenberry

Nude tones for all tastes

Nude Tones |

The Lip Sensation Lipstick brings you a new range of intense nude tones. Experience full coverage, with a mousse texture, ultra-lightweight, and matt finish for seductive and unique lips. What are your favorite nude tones?

35822 Sensual Latte

35823 Rose Embrace

35824 Nude Passion

35825 Spicy Caramel

35826 Mauve Crush

35827 Mocha Envy

35828 Tempting Burgundy

35829 Chocolate Crave