Love Nature Lip Balms

Love Nature Lip Balms

Oriflame has always shown a strong passion for nature. That’s why they use natural source ingredients in Their products. If you share these values ​​with Oriflame, enjoy Love Nature Lip Balms.

Moisturising lip balms, deliciously scented to enhance your mood, in a cheerful package. Contains natural extracts and vitamin E to protect.
Love Nature Lip Balms


Lips Balm Coconut Love Nature | 34034

Hydrate and nourish the lips with this lip balm with coconut oil, enriched with vitamin E. Apply with the end of the fingers. 7 g.

Lips Balm Mango Love Nature | 34035

Hydrate and soften your lips with this mango scented balm! Apply with your fingertips to give the lips the moisturising action of vitamin E. 7 g.

Lemon Balm Melon Love Nature | 34036
Hydrate and soften your lips with this perfect balm for summer! Apply with your fingertips to nourish your lips with the vitamin E moisturiser and provide them with the sweet aroma of melon. 7 g.