Love Potion

Love Potion
Love Potion

Oriflame’s Love Potion is the brand’s sexiest ever fragrance. It symbolizes sensuality, love and passion. For women who desire and are not afraid to desire!

The fragrance itself is the embodiment of seduction . The base of the fragrance is the oriental vanilla with woody notes of natural aphrodisiacs: cacao, ginger and chocolate flowers. They symbolize sensuality, love and passion. The ginger spice and  chocolate stimulate and provoke similar reactions to passion. Together, these delicious aphrodisiacs are a strong elixir for love.

Fragrance Type: Oriental Fruity

The Eau de Parfum Love Potion is a fascinating blend of sensual ingredients. The duo of 2 symbols of love and passion – ginger and sensual chocolate – awakens your senses and releases emotions. This fragrance is the ideal choice for a confident and luxurious woman who dares to enhance her sensuality.

The perfumer, Jean Jacques

The author of the fragrance is the well-known French perfumer Jean Jacques, who created for example the fragrance Amethyst Fatale of Oriflame. The idea with Love Potion was to create a fragrance based on two ingredients that are symbols of love and sensuality. Firstly, ginger, which evokes a real pleasure for the senses. Secondly, the chocolate, which is known to arouse the passion.

The curved vial symbolises a fall from the magic potion that transforms the woman.

Oriflame's Love Potion

5 Facts About Love Potion

1. The Eau de Parfum Love Potion was released in catalog in 2011.

2. The name of the fragrance refers to the elixir of love and is composed of famous aphrodisiac ingredients like ginger and chocolate!

3. The creator of this fragrance is Jean Jacques. This is how he describes his scents: “My perfumes express three things: joie de vivre, simplicity and spontaneity.” Jean Jacques is also the creator of the Oriflame Lovely Garden and Divine fragrances.

Do you know that…

At age 16, Jean Jacques was a successful pianist and a true jazz fan, but created to be a perfumer. His creations include fragrances for Givenchy, Guerlain and Balmain.

4. This sensual fragrance is classified as oriental fruity vanilla. The aroma opens with notes of tangerine, ginger and rum. Your sensual heart is made up of cacao flower, white lily and vanilla. The fragrance ends with a base composed of chocolate, fava-tonca and sandalwood.

5. To give this fragrance a longer duration, apply the Love Potion body cream that shares some of the EDP notes.


Eau de Parfum Love Potion

Explore the pleasures of life with Eau de Parfum Love Potion. Succumb to passion with this seductive Oriental scent. 50 ml.

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Originally published on July 18, 2018.