Miss Giordani Intense

Miss Giordani Intense

Miss Giordani Intense


Miss Giordani Intense is an exquisitely-crafted fragrance in a limited-  edition collection with scented body care to help you celebrate

the season’s festivities, from your stunning entrance to the exuberant end.  Featuring notes of Neroli enhanced with Purple Gardenia, the scent is  sophisticated with an opulent, youthful effervescence.With luxury

in the details, the perfume is velvet-coloure in a gold-capped glass bottle.  In a luxury case with Italian-inspired embroidery, Miss Giordani Intense Limited-edition Collection includes an Eau de Parfum, Shower Cream  and Perfumed Body Lotion. It is a fragrance indulgence to enhance an  impression that enchants during those special occasions.

Miss Giordani Intense


Orange blossom is the gold of perfumery and is a symbol of glamorous  femininity. It is considered as having the most intense long lastingness.  Neroli is produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree.

A beautiful, sensual flower, the scent is a generously imprinted with white  floral accents, a fresh bitter-sweet citrus facet with sensual honeyed  tones. In the Miss Giordani Intense fragrance, the Neroli note signature  has been enhanced with the help of Purple Gardenia notes to make

the warm, feminine sensuality richer for the woman to celebrate life  with passion.


Emilie Coppermann

For Emilie, being a perfumer is more  than a vocation. Her talent for  composing fragrances lies in her playful  nature, sense for exploration and fearless  approach to experiments, like mixing  traditionally masculine and feminine  codes. Some of her best works include  fragrances for Burberry, Givenchy and  Paco Rabanne.

Oriflame Miss Giordani Intense Eau de Parfum

A lively composition, gleaming with notes of neroli and purple gardenia.  A bright scent, combining refinement and youthful spontaneity. A refined, spontaneous fragrance that makes you appreciate the beauty of life and enjoy it as you should!