Natural Makeup Look with Waunt

Find out how to achieve a natural makeup look with Waunt by Oriflame. Give your skin softness with a luminous finish.

The ‘ no-makeup makeup ‘ looks are trends on the catwalk and Tik Tok. See how to achieve a natural makeup look with Waunt – Oriflame’s hybrid makeup finish skincare.

As much as we love bold, glamorous makeup – perfectly shaped lips, smoky eyes, and more – on most days, a fresh, natural look of makeup-free skin is all we need to feel beautiful before leaving the house.

That’s where the natural makeup look for any occasion comes in.

The natural makeup look

A clean and fresh look is always in fashion. Still, it exploded on Tik Tok after the lockdowns and remains very present today.

With this look, you can have a fresh and beautiful face with just a few products in no time! Using fewer products is also good for the planet.

The natural or ‘ no-makeup makeup ‘ look is already well known. Still, this season’s look enhances its beauty naturally and with just a few touches.

It is ideal for people who want to look beautiful without ceasing to “look like themselves”.

This means a lot of hydration, disguising imperfections, even out skin tone, and shine!

And, of course, good skincare is the foundation of any makeup look, especially for this look, where we want to let the skin be the protagonist.

Get the look with Waunt.

Discover how you can quickly achieve a natural makeup look with Waunt by Oriflame.

These products help to smooth your skin with a fresh and luminous finish.


night mask

These wonders can give your skin so much more than your night cream, as they are designed for long-lasting action on your skin and often have distinct benefits.

Revive Me Night Mask gently exfoliates and evens skin tone overnight. Apply before going to bed and wake up to a fresh, radiant complexion.


Cleaning Butter

To rock the natural makeup look and get that silky smooth foundation, you need to make sure your pores are clean and keep your skin from feeling dry and flaky.

Some cleaners can dry out, but Level Up Waunt Cleansing Butter is different!

It is formulated without surfactants (cleansing agents commonly found in cleaning products), making it extremely gentle on the skin.

It’s a silky, buttery cream with a unique butter-oil-milk texture that adheres to impurities and quickly melts makeup and dirt for a clean, nourishing foundation.


Eye Contour Stick

Instead of applying concealer around your eyes, try a brightening eye cream with mattifying powder and a subtle hint of shine that reflects light to a brighter eye area.

This moisturises the eye contour area and gives it a more natural look.


Invigorating Mist

Now that your skin is clean and primed, it’s time for massive hydration!

Smooth Cheeks Waunt Moisturising Toning Mist to drench your skin with soothing hydration.

It evens out moisture levels and soothes the skin, giving it a refreshing glow in this routine and top it off throughout the day.


Dewy Cream Gel

Did you think we were here for hydration? None of that!

Optimal hydration is all about layers, so a moisturiser on top of the mist is the way to go.

Water Burst Dewy Waunt Moisturizing Gel Cream is a gel-cream with a waterjet texture. It holds immense amounts of water and helps prepare and deeply hydrate the skin even more!


Enhancer Primer

The cherry on top of your natural makeup look is to add a touch of shimmery shine that gives your skin a smooth, attractive finish without making it oily.

Look for a glossy product that hydrates, reduces shine, and has tiny shine particles.

The Woke Up Like This Waunt Perfecting Primer does just that! In addition, it disguises imperfections and evens out skin texture to perfect your complexion.