NovAge Anti-Redness Solution

NovAge Anti-Redness Solution
NovAge Anti-Redness Solution

Oriflame offers a solution to instantly relieve the discomfort associated with redness, which is a characteristic symptom of rosacea. The NovAge Anti-Redness Solution works on the redness of the skin and visible blood capillaries improving the blood circulation in an instant and prolonged way. The result is a smooth, even skin.

Rosacea is a skin diseaseh that requires specific treatment. Poor microcirculation, environmental factors and lifestyle, such as stress, can influence the appearance of skin redness and exposed blood vessels. After repeated aggressions, the blood vessels may weaken and become more visible on the skin of fine texture.

The Anti-Redness Solution NovAge range instantly is a targeted and intense skincare solution that immediately and progressively reduce visible redness. Instantly improves skin tone, complexion and soothes skin. Over time it works to help reduce the appearance of redness and strengthen skin barrier.

Reduces redness in the skin long and instantly

Clinically proven anti-redness technology progressively reduces visible redness with the help of actives like arnica and natural origin horse chestnut extract. These ingredients actively work to help reduce the appearance of redness that can be associated with deficient microcirculation. The soothing technology provides instant relief to the skin and the formula also helps strengthen the skin barrier. Pigments immediately reduce visible redness and improve skin tone and complexion.

Reinforces the skin barrier

  • Karite butter
  • Glycerin
  • Allantoin

Clinically tested

  • Redness Redness
  • Reduction of visible blood capillaries
  • Improvement in skin circulation


  • For all ages
  • Daily use (morning and / or evening)
  • Conjugate with all NovAge Sets
  • Combine with Wellness Products
  • Creamy texture that calms the skin

How to use

Apply your day cream or night cream.

Then apply the NovAge Anti-Redness Solution on the face, focusing on areas of redness and with exposed blood vessels, such as nose and cheekbones.

For best results, use daily, morning and evening, after your regular NovAge Face Care Routine .

NovAge Anti-Redness Solution

The NovAge Anti-Vermin Solution is an intense face-care solution that specifically works on redness, reducing it immediately and progressively. Instantly improves skin tone and softens skin. With continued use, this solution helps reduce the appearance of redness and strengthen the skin barrier. Recommended for all ages. 30 ml.

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