NovAge Brilliance Infinite Luminosity Set


Novage Brilliance

Is a dull, uneven and patchy skin tone leaving you frustrated? NovAge Brilliance switches off skin tone discolourations and switches on your luminous beauty – so you can look, and feel, flawlessly radiant. 

Recommended for ALL AGES 

SKIN CONCERNS: hyperpigmentation, uneven, patchy skin tones 

1st Oriflame set clinically proven to increase luminosity and translucency

Reduces all major skin tone discolourations and dark spots in just 2 weeks 

Reduces all major skin tone discolourations and dark spots in just 2 weeks 

RIBWORT PLANT STEM CELL EXTRACT Helps neutralise the effects of oxidative stress to help counteract all major skin tone discolourations 

AQUA-BANK MOISTURE STRATEGY Delivers and locks essential hydration into the skin around the clock. Promotes a translucent, luminous complexion 


INSTANTLY: Aqua-Bank Moisture Strategy delivers and locks in hydration to the skin barrier to keep skin plump, smooth. City Shield Technology in the day cream protects from harmful UV rays and pollution. 

OVER TIME: Skin Tone Regulator targets melanin production at the cellular source◊ for a more radiant and even skin tone. Ribwort Plant Stem Cell Extract helps revive skin’s vitality. Vita-Bright Technology in the night cream promotes a resilient skin barrier 

What causes hyperpigmentation? Hyperpigmentation and skin tone discolourations are commonly caused by oxidative stress in the skin, which can be triggered by multiple factors like exposure to UV and pollution, hormonal imbalance, and lifestyle factors such as poor diet and stress. Oxidative stress damages and disrupts many different skin functions, including melanin production – the skin pigment responsible for defining skin tone. This results in patchy tones on skin – typically reddish, yellowish or dull/greyish. NovAge Brilliance technologies and ingredients help improve the appearance of hyperpigmentation and other skin tone discolourations. Skin Tone Regulator Technology helps control melanin production and restore its balance. Ribwort Plant Stem Cell Extract helps counteract skin discolourations. Aqua-Bank Moisture Strategy gives the complexion a translucent, luminous quality.

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