Optimals Even Out Serum

Hyperpigmentation (overproduction of melanin pigment in skin) can leave its mark. If you have dark spots that never seem to fade, then your skin may be crying out for the right nutrition. Optimals Even Out is formulated with the right balance of skin nutrients, natural origin technology and pollution protection to reduce skin discolouration and prevent the appearance of dark spots – for a flawless-looking complexion in 2 weeks! Serum instantly softens skin and reveals a rosy glow with Vitamin C from Sweet Cherry Apply one pump of Serum on cleansed skin, before using face cream. Avoid the eye area.

How to Use 

Use twice a day, morning and evening. After cleaning and drying the skin, apply a small amount of it to the size of a pea and spread it over the face except around the eyes.


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