Oriflame Catalogue 6 of 2022 UK & USA

Oriflame has taken steps to make products even more environmentally friendly, and this 2022 Catalog 6 presents some of these examples.

Oriflame Catalogue 6

Small changes in habits can have a considerable impact on the future of our planet. That’s why Oriflame has taken steps to make products even more environmentally friendly, and this 2022 Catalogue 6 presents some of these examples.

Oriflame Catalogue 6 of 2022

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Be kind to Mother Nature

We would love to have you on this sustainability campaign! Say yes to responsible beauty.

Remember Nature as you make your choices. Choose products that are being responsibly improved to gradually reduce our impact on the planet.

Dive in to find inspiration and tips on how to improve your daily activities. Remember, even small steps count!

love nature

Oriflame presents a new and improved version of Love Nature Body Care.

This relaunch has biodegradable formulas, in recycled plastic bottles, with exfoliants of natural origin and biological extracts without silicone, parabens and with improved procedures.

Love Nature Oriflame

Indulge in the irresistible aromas of Organic Green Tea and Cucumber, Organic Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil and Organic Love Nature Oats and Apricot.

Kiwi Love Nature moisturizing compresses.

When shopping for £9.99 in the new Love Nature body care range on pages 2 to 7, you can purchase the Kiwi Love Nature Moisturizing Compresses for just £0.99!

Give your skin hydrating care with the benefits of Organic Kiwi Extract, packed with vitamins and powerful antioxidants.

Color Unlimited THE ONE Eye Shadows

Celebrate Oriflame’s 55th Anniversary with us. The gift is for you!

Get 2 FREE swatches with your purchase of Color Unlimited The One Eye Shadows for just £6.99 each.

These eye shadows will bring out your boldest side in 11 different shades that blend effortlessly for punchy results.

Water Bottle with Infuser

For every £20 of purchases you make in this 2022 Catalog 6, you can purchase the Water Bottle with Infuser for just £9.99.

Oriflame Water Bottle

Enrich your water with the aroma and benefits of fruits and herbs with the help of this reusable bottle – your health and the environment will thank you!

Giordani Gold Essenza

Elegant, luxurious and feminine – that’s how they described the aroma of Giordani Gold Essenza in a blind tasting.

In this catalogue, you will find Parfum and all the complementary products (body cream, body spray and travel-size spray) of this fragrance that will help you prolong this irresistible aroma throughout the day.


NovAge Facial Cleansing Oil

When purchasing any product from pages 106 to 129 of the catalogue, you can buy NovAge Facial Cleanser Oil for just £12.99.

Ophthalmologically tested, this delicious oil transforms into a milky lotion that removes sweat and make-up from the skin.

Wow offer

Eclat Femme Weekend is a floral-fruity-green fragrance for the energetic woman that captures the atmosphere of Parisian spring and can be yours at a super price – just £12.99.

Eclat - Femme- Weekend

Let yourself be conquered by the joyful and elegant energy of this fragrance.

Back cover

Purify and revitalize your skin and enjoy the best price of the year!

On this back cover, Love Nature Purifying Facial Oil with Tea Tree and Lime Organic is just £3.99, and the Love Nature Cucumber Face Mask is just £0.99!

Also, order the Two-Prong Black Spot Remover for clean, blemish-free skin!