Oriflame Catalogue 11 of 2018

Oriflame  Catalogue 11 of 2018

This year, the heat is hot , and so is the Oriflame Catalogue 11 of 2018! Filled with hot discounts, this catalogue is the “O” catalogue of the summer, where you will find essentials for your day to day and for your holidays, at the best prices of the year!

See the Online Catalogue here !

Promotions of  Catalogue 11 of 2018

I could not fail to start with the Lowest Prices of the Year , of which I highlight the incredible set of 4 indispensable products (hand cream, deo roll-on, hand and body cream, day cream) for only £9.95! N o minimum order … just because it’s summer!

In addition to this set, you have the choice, on the following pages, three hand cream of 150 ml for only £3.95  each! Enjoy and stock your favorite creams.

I also highlight the following promotions in the catalogue:

  • Diamond Cellular Anti-Age Cream for only £15.95;
  • Giordani Gold Mineral Base for only£9.95;
  • Nourishing Hair and Nail Complex for only £ 19.99;
  • Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette for only £ 9.95;

The WOW Offer in this catalog is truly amazing! The Eau de Toilette Glacier  for only £9.95, that is, more than 50% off! This fresh and citrus fragrance is ideal for summer and adventurous men!

I invite you to visit also the section of Summer Sales , with discounts of up to 70% on cosmetics and accessories!

Already on the back cover of this catalogue, we have some of the bestsellers Feet Up (Nourishing Foot Cream, Revitalizing Spray and Foot Cleaner) with discounts of up to 65%. Enjoy the discounts, your feet thank you!

The new releases

In this catalogue we launched a new Discover line , this time with an exotic mango, papaya and watermelon aroma, inspired by the Maldives .

Get to know the new Hand Cream with Olive Oil – with a soothing and restorative action – in this catalog for only £2.95.

For the incredible little ones in the house, we suggest the new line Incredibles 2 – shower gel / shampoo and soap, with soft formulas, ideal for children, and a fresh and fruity aroma.

In the section of Fragrances we also have news. Open the catalogue and try the new VIP Club Ibiza aroma – with fruity and vanilla notes. The best? The launch price of only £8.95 !

Get to know the new Biphasic Nail and Cuticle Oil The ONE , which in addition to nourishing and giving light to the nails, softens the cuticles. For only £4.95!

Also in the Make-Up section, you will find the new lip balms Lip Pop COLOUR-BOX , in 4 shades perfect for summer. Get to know them and enjoy the price of £3.95 each.